1) FLY ON HOME - 01v Virtual Band
International internet project. Recorded from studios on 3 continents. Mixed by Ronny Morris and Steve Holland at RoMo Recording Studios. Jim DeSalvo - vocals; Tom Baldwin - lead guitar; Peter Fizgal - bass; Donovan Morris - drums; Ronny Morris - lead & rhythm guitars, harmonica; Evandro Jr. - percussion
www.ronnymorris.com romo1@darientel.net
2) NA ASA DO VENTO - Klaudia Moras
Recorded at Steamroom NYC - Produced by Tomas Marsh
www.steamroomstudios.com tomas.marsh@verizon.net
3) ESTER'S LOUNGE MAMA - (p) 1999 DoRoMo Music BMI, The Ronny Morris Band
Ronny Morris - vocals, guitar; Lanny Grammer - drums; Billy Day - bass; Robert Willis - guitar. Recorded and Mixed by Robert Willis at Legend Recording, Savannah, Ga.- Mastered at RoMo Recording Studios, Brunswick Ga; Produced by Ronny Morris
www.ronnymorris.com romo1@darientel.net
4) EVERY TIME - Motomachine
Recorded at OmniMix Studio and Beanstudio Mastering, West Orange, N.J. by Jim DeSalvo and Joe Pedoto. Written, looped, and produced by Jim DeSalvo. Vocals: Jim DeSalvo. Guitars: Joseph Mystery
5) GATOR COUNTRY - Molly Hatchet
Steve Holland - guitar - Danny Joe Brown - Vocals - Dave Hlubek - guitar; Duane Roland - guitar; Banner Thomas - bass; Bruce Crump - drums. Recorded at the Sound Pit, Atlanta Ga. Mixed at the Record Plant, Los Angeles. Written by Steve Holland - Dave Hlubek -Banner Thomas; Mix Engineer - Antonio Reale; Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound; Produced by Tom Werman
6) CARIBBEAN SUNSET - Baldwin & Hall
Written by Tom Baldwin - Mixed &Arranged by Terry Hall Tom Baldwin - guitar; Terry Hall - keyboards
twb33@va.mediaone.net www.bodash.com
7) I'M ONLY HUMAN - ButterbeanZ
Written, Produced, All Instruments and Vocals by Rick Anthony. No keyboards!
www.butterbeanz.com ranthony@music.com
8) GOIN' BACK TO GEORGIA - Gene Mitchell & The Big Coconut Band
Written & Produced by Gene Mitchell for Sailor Boy Records - Mixed and Mastered by Troy King at Clearlake Audio, North Hollywood, Ca.
Written, performed, and produced by Hoagland Hill at Seamonster Sounds, Malibu, Ca. Instruments: drums, bass, electric guitar, organ, zero-G synthetics
10) NO GOODBYES - 714
Michael Cottrell - vocals, drums, bass - Jamses Carpenter - guitar. Produced by Michael Cottrell
11) UNCLE DON - Ballsniffer, ASCAP 1995 - Produced by Bob Popp
gunpointstudios@hotmail.com www.ballsniffer.org  
Recorded at OmniMix Studio, West Orange, NJ - Produced and engineered by Joe Pedoto. Entirely sequenced and performed by Joseph Mystery in the Milano Weave hat!
Recorded at the Steamroom NYC Produced by Tomas Marsh
www.steamroomstudios.com tomas.marsh@verizon.net

Produced by Ronny Morris
Assistant Producer - Steve Holland

www.ronnymorris.com    romo1@darientel.net

Mastered by Jim DeSalvo at Beanstudio Mastering,
Wayne, NJ USA

Steve Holland, Ronny Morris and Donovan Morris, appear courtesy of Pumpkin Man Records.
Gene Mitchell appears courtesy of Sailor Boy Records
Hoagland Hill appears courtesy of Seamonster Sounds
Jim DeSalvo appears courtesy of Cosmic Tug Records


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