Trixter: "New Audio Machine" CD audio mastering at Beanstudio Mastering. Charted Billboard!

Tom Cabrera & Jack DeSalvo: Tales of Coming Home. 24/96 Pro Tools recording, audio CD mastering & engineering by Jim DeSalvo.


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We tracked & mixed Jon Anderson of Yes!

Jim DeSalvo with Steve Brown, and Phil Collen of Def Leppard at Beanstudio CD & Audio Mastering NJ.

Recording, editing, mixing & CD audio mastering Darryl "DMC" McDaniels.






Jim DeSalvo has been audio CD mastering, Pro Tools HD 12 recording, mixing, producing and writing hits for a brief 34 years here in New Jersey. This is Belgian singing sensation and Absolute P Entertainment artist Shane Hendrix's new video which went #1 on Spotify! We received another iTunes number one charting song in Belgium for Ian Thomas who is also an Absolute P Entertainment artist! Check it out! Ian Thomas Rain Jim engineered and co-produced an 18 minute opus for 35 million worldwide selling artist Jon Anderson the voice of Yes. Check out Jon Anderson. His astro-stellar voice through these speakers would floor you. Unseen Rain Records has Jim mixing, mastering, recording and producing high definition "HD" downloads of jazz and improvised music by contemporary innovators. UR is focused on high production values and recognizes the entire process surrounding a recording as art. Check out the UR Bandcamp site UNSEEN RAIN Records Bandcamp Jim and STATiC have completed a new track with the King of Rock Darryl "DMC" McDaniels check out his comic book empire! We'd like to thank the German wizards, Zynaptiq who are located in Hannover Germany. Zynaptiq creates technology and applications for processing, analyzing, categorizing and generating audio-visual data. We would love to thank Blue Microphones, Presonus, Avid, iZotope, Steven Slate Digital and Focusrite, for their complete hardware and software support, generosity and friendship! Jim DeSalvo uses his Avid Pro Tools HD 12 Omni, HD IO 16x16 Native Thunderbolt rig here with Presonus Studio One 4 and every single amazing audio processor Universal Audio makes at Beanstudio CD & Audio Mastering, NJ USA. Here are two reviews for records Jim has engineered, produced and mastered; Audiophile Audition says: "DeSalvo gives the material a lissome quality: the recording has a live feel but also a subtle characteristic, not as noisy as like-minded projects.." "Jim (DeSalvo) is the engineer, and Jim's capture of everything is arresting: clear, lucid, adroitly attuned to shifting focal depths, never at a loss, providing everything this work needed to entablature itself with zero ambivalence." Mark Tucker







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